India is a great country. Not just because it has the most magnificent panoramas not to be found anywhere else in this world, but also because it comprises of compassionate people, who had then the courage to fight the most prevalent power in the world for freedom and who now have the courage to thrive and prove themselves despite of the insufficient resources and opportunities. India has proven itself in many spheres and Indians are acknowledged as the brightest lot everywhere in the world, yet there are so many things about India that are yet to be changed to make it a developed nation.

    Every day in our day to day routine, we grumble about things we wish we could transform for a better life. It could be the traffic chaos or the corruption found simply everywhere. Corruption is so deeply rooted now that it is slowly becoming an innate part of us. We curse the system and wonder why no one bothers to make this confused place a better country. We suggest that this could be done and that could be done and then everything could be better. But rarely does someone take an initiative to make a difference and turn words into action. Nationalist People’s Front is one such initiative. It is a simple effort of a simple man to make his country developed and self-dependent. It is a pure mission to bring to people, leaders who staunchly believe in honesty, integrity and patriotism.

    Today, our nation is eager and ripe for a transformation of a magnitude that can change the current milieu. Nationalist People’s Front gives every man a platform to voice his desperation for change and help make this country a better place. Each and every drop has its significance to make an ocean. NPF believes in working together honestly to uplift the downtrodden and help needy people without giving in to racism, discrimination or categorization. It’s special effort is to nurture our future – the coming generation and work towards better education facilities and better opportunities for the children. it’s mission is to eradicate child labor and let these flower buds gently grow to fullness.

    NPF will fight against corruption as it is one of the most serious problems of our country. Its first step will be to procure honesty and spread it to each and every village to city to state to country.

    It is not a quest for power or money. It is not a fight for right or wrong. It is just a simple wish to bring back to our country the grace and humbleness that made India unique. It is a hopeful measure to bring smiles to faces that grumble today because of the frustration every man feels fighting his way to lead a normal life. it is a platform for people who are eager to make a difference but don’t have the resources or opportunity. It is every Indian’s prayers which they end up designating as wishful thinking.

    Nationalist people’s front has no political background or experience. It is yet a child but with your support and faith it is determined to satisfy your expectations and hopes. We hope you will join this mission and help it make India’s dream come true.