About us

About Nationalist People's Front 

    Each day we grumble about things we wish we could transform for a better life. It could be the traffic chaos or the corruption found simply everywhere. Corruption is so deeply rooted now that it is slowly becoming an innate part of us.

   We curse the system and wonder why no one bothers to make this confused place a better country. We suggest that this could be done and that could be done and then everything could be better. But rarely does someone take an initiative to make a difference and turn words into action.

    Nationalist People's Front is one such initiative. It is a simple effort of a simple man to make his country developed and self-dependent. It is a pure mission to bring to people, leaders who staunchly believe in honesty, integrity and patriotism.

    It is not a quest for power or money. It is not a fight for right or wrong. It is just a simple wish to bring back to our country the grace and humbleness that made India unique.

    It is a hopeful measure to bring smiles to faces that grumble today because of the frustration every man feels fighting his way to lead a normal life. It is a platform for people who are eager to make a difference but don't have the resources or opportunity. It is every Indian's prayer, which we give up quickly as wishful thinking.

Know the Founder

    It was the early 1930s.Mohanlal Jain was in a stage of transformation – it was the prime time of freedom movement and there were so many orthodox thoughts clouding the Indian horizon. Mohan hai was at a delicate phase of life which decided his whole life. He immersed himself into the world of society development adamant on creating a better world for the generations to come.

    Though born in a rich Jain family, Mohanlal Jain, also dearly called Mohan Bhai, chose the difficult path of social service. He faced strong reaction from society and family members, when he started working among harijans. At the age of 16 years he joined the independence movement in Sardarshahr, and was the first person who dared to start activities related to the freedom struggle in this area. Shri Mohanlal Jain founded the first educational institution Bapa Seva Sadan for Harijan children. Since then he has established several institutions in last 50 years. Some of which are Bal Mandir, Balika Vidyalaya, Gyan Mandir, Bal Badi and Bhartiya Sanskar Samiti.

    At the age of 65, on the barren hills situated on the shore of the Rajsamand Lake, 65 kilometers north of Udaipur, Mohan Bhai founded Anuvrat Vishwa Bharti. It is a haven for children and considered to be an ideal psychological development and education platform for children. It is recognized by the UNO and awarded by the president of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma.

    Though his work cannot be measured or limited by bounds, but a fair judgment can be made by the awards endowed to him including – Anuvrat award, Rajiv Gandhi Manav Seva award, Gandhi Seva Puraskar, Mahavir Mahatma Oneness Award and many more. 

    “His life is a rare example of how an individual can devote his whole life to the cause of humanity.” To know more about Mohan Bhai download his biography

    His obsession to social work, though, took its toll on his household and children. His wife, Bhagirathi Devi Jain, was a simplistic and supportive woman. She took every step with her husband and supported his every decision. Instead of asking for jewellery, she donated her last piece of bangle for her husband and wore khadi to support his cause. She was one of the first women to give up Purdah Pratha and was the only woman to be nominated in the Nagarpalika election at the time when women didn’t even leave their home. Alongside, she also supported her family and worked hard to get enough money to educate her children. To know more about Bhagirathi Devi download her biography

    All during their childhood, Panchsheel and his siblings had to earn their own fees to study and work after school to earn extra money. After finishing his graduation in commerce, he had only one aim in mind at that time - to bring his family back to financial stability and also carry forward his father’s dreams.

    He started his business in Jaipur and succeeded to clear all his father’s debts and within 15 years he was successful in making his family financially sound.

    The business was at its acme of its career, but as he had previously resolved, he left business as he completed his 50th year and immersed himself into social work and development of India.

    Alongside his business, he is the Managing Editor of a children’s monthly magazine – Bachchon Ka Desh with the help of his sister. It’s running its 9th successful year and it’s widely acclaimed. Being a non-profitable initiative, it results in a substantial deficit, but his family firmly believes that children of today are the future of tomorrow and its completely necessary of develop an aware and patriotic generation.

    After finishing his 50 years of life, as per his resolution he left business and started another very ambitious project for the all-round development of unprivileged children – Baal Sambal. Here he plans to give training to children not only in education but also extracurricular activities according to their interests to develop their aptitude into skills of the highest level.

    But to truly bring about a change in the current scenario of India, he knew the only way to do so was to join politics. “To change the system, you have to be a part of the system”. Therefore, Nationalist People’s Front.

    “It is a simple effort of a simple man to make his country developed and self-dependent. It is a pure mission to bring to people, leaders who staunchly believe in honesty, integrity and patriotism.”

    His earnest request to all Indian citizens is: “Nationalist people’s front has no political background or experience. It is yet a child but with your support and faith it is determined to satisfy your expectations and hopes. We hope you will join this mission and help it make India’s dream come true.”